NannyCON is an International CPD Childcare and Wellness Conference with a difference focusing on high quality Childcare Professional Development, Self-Care, Wellness and Fun for Nannies and Childcare Professionals. We aim to provide everyone with the self-care tools they need and the professional development that will enhance their skills and knowledge as a professional in their field. All Attendees get a CPD certificate that they can add to their Career Portfolio.

NannyCON combines Professional Development training with Wellness Workshops. In 2023 we had 10 Childcare and Wellness Speakers and 5 Workshops- Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound Healing, Self Defence. This year we have even more, join us for our Wellness Workshops - Yoga, Mindfulness Breathing, Qigong, Pilates, Zumba, Mindful Wellbeing for Children,Wellbeing through Art plus 7 Childcare Expert Speakers. IT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

So, what are you waiting for? Register today and come and join us where Childcare and Wellness meet.

We have a fun, jam packed weekend planned for you to meet and connecting with other Caregivers, have fun, learn, discover, practise self-care and start learning to put Mental Wellbeing first.

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BNT Nannies

BNT Nannies, founded by Nanny Sharz, is an international, inclusive, and diverse community that focuses on Bringing Nannies & Childcare Professionals together through events. We know how isolating it is work as a Nanny and sometimes how overwhelming it can working in a childcare setting so BNT is a reminder to take a break, rest and socialise outside of work.

Our goal is to support nannies and childcare professional to be apart of a supportive, growing community where they feel welcomed and comfortable to be themselves. We support you throughout your childcare career by providing opportunities for you to build connections and new long-lasting friendships.

We host bi-monthly meet ups- Picnic Playdates, Cocktails and Chill, Games Night,Karaoke, a CPD annual Childcare & Wellness Conference NannyCON and an annual Christmas Party every December for US!

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We are passionate about caregivers caring for themselves as much as they care for others. Our mission is to remind YOU to prioritise Self Care and Wellness. We focus on improving your mental and emotional wellbeing, educate, inspire, and offer you new learning resources, ideas, activities, and experiences. We support you to be the best version of YOURSELF in a super fun, cultural, diverse, and unique atmosphere. You leave NannyCON feeling uplifted, happy and rejuvenated, it is an experience like no other.  

Our mission is to bring Nannies, Au Pairs, Childminders, Early Years Practitioners, Nursery Practitioners and other Childcare Professionals together through high quality training and self-care practices.

NannyCON is a supportive, positive, family orientated, diverse, fun and inclusive atmosphere and we make sure everyone is treated fairly and feels welcomed. We have a zero tolerance to bullying, racism, ageism, discrimination, prejudice or any behaviour we deem unprofessional. We are dedicated to providing caregivers with a safe space where they feel comfortable to be themselves.

Experiencing NannyCON is like nothing you have ever experienced at a Conference, and we can guarantee once you attend you will keep on coming back every year. We want you to include it in your annual Conference budget as a permanent staple.

The feeling of NannyCON is very much like home cooked warm soup on a cold winter’s day. You can’t get enough of it even if you tried.

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