The Wellness Hub is a room that will help you to de-stress from life, relax, focus on yourself by offering total wellbeing in a range of ways. It is provided by qualified and certified Teachers, Instructors. The Wellness Hub will aim to help the practitioners and attendees relax and centre self-care as a priority.Our VIP ticket holders will have access to VIP workshops only. In the morning we will have Yoga, Mindfulness Breathing, Pilates, Zumba. Throughout the weekend we will have Dot Mandala, Goal Setting, Chair Massages, Positive Affirmations, Board Games and Meditation.

Sound Healing
Self Defence

Yoga | Pilates | Zumba | Meditation | Dot Mandala | Goal Setting | Board Games | Chair Massage | Positive Affirmations | Mindfulness Breathing

Day 1Saturday 27 April 2024
Day 2Sunday 28 April 2024

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